Saturday, January 1, 2011

Family Photos

This would be my handsome HONEY Dean.  He spoils me rotten and I really do try to do the same for him. 

 This is my first daughter Toni on the left and my baby girl Stacy on the right.  These girls know how to have fun and keep us entertained. This photo was taken with Herbie at the old Misty's in Lincoln the night before a Husker game.
This is my 2nd daughter Michelle.  She lives in Indiana.  I don't get to see her often but she calls me every evening.  She's a darlin.


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

It is so nice to get to see pictures of your family Jacque! I already felt like I knew them but now I know what they look like!

gocrazywithme said...

Hi Jacque! Great family photos! Can't wait to see your stitching photos too.

Cathy K said...

Hi Jacque - what a lovely family you have! Your girls are gorgeous! You are a lucky lady! So glad to see that you have started blogging. If you have questions, just ask and I’ll try to help, OK?? Hugs, Cathy

Diane said...

So glad that you got your blogging going. What lovely daughters you have and they look like good friends together. How wonderful that you are now getting great grandchildren, it's always nice to have babies around to cuddle!
Diane in Ontario